I remember making a certain dua a lot when I was small, the dua was “O Allah, keep my tongue moist with your remembrance” I probably learned it from my mum. I don’t know the wordings of it in Arabic cause I would always read it in English. And I also don’t know if the […]

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Back to the Beginning

Assalamualaikum! Hey everybody! How are you guys doing? I know it’s been ages since my last post. Maybe I owe you an apology? No, I don’t? That’s great. Let’s continue from where we left. Shall we? No? Oh, right. I owe ya’ll an explanation. Right so…yeah I really really wanted to post something in the […]

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Reflections From the Shore

I like being by the coast; there’s something about the water that makes me feel good. I remember when we were kids, me and my siblings would have so much fun building sand castles with little beach toys, collecting seashells and different types of pebbles. SubhanAllah the memories are so vivid, it feels like yesterday. […]

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Allergic to “E” Challenge

Assalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu I was nominated by sister revels1 for a challenge called the “Allergic to “E” Challenge”. She has a great blog masha’Allah. Do check it out! The Rules: 1) Write a whole paragraph ( a paragraph sounds easy right?) without any word containing the letter “e” (still easy for ya?) 2) By reading this […]

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Foosball (5P5S Challenge Day 5)

    Foosball is basically mini football or soccer or whatever else you’d like to call it. But you don’t have to dribble, kick, or pass the ball. All you gotta do is spin, spin and spin. Point is, it’s fun. I used to play it with friends. But just like any another game or sport it […]

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Free to Fly

I love watching birds fly with their wings majestically stretched out treading the open skies so peacefully as if embracing freedom itself. They appear to be relaxed, carefree not bound by anything of this materialistic world. As a kid I wanted to fly along with the birds, sit on clouds which appeared like cotton candy […]

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A Matter of Time

So, like I promised last week I’m back with…not a poem this time but an ESSAY! After a very long time I know. My bad. It’s just that I find it easier to write poems because basically they don’t always have to make sense. 😉 Well, “Islamic poems” are a bit different for the obvious […]

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Who Am I?

Your eyes lie, A hundred secrets are hidden behind that smile of yours. You are not innocent. That’s just a mask you seem to put on always. Have you met yourself? Are you sure you’ve understood yourself right? The confidence you proudly display Is playing games with you. Deep down you know that you are […]

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Genuine Effort

Just a few days back I was reading an article on repentance. While casually checking out the comments that followed I came across one that really had me thinking. The individual would use a credit card to pay the rent of his apartment. Normally credit cards have interest on them but it has to be paid […]

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Not Here to Please You

I haven’t posted anything in like ages. Sorry about that. Although there were loads of things that I wanted to talk about in the past few months, I just couldn’t get myself to write a post for some reason I myself am not aware of. But an educated guess would be that I kept putting […]

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Know the True Islam

With each passing day the need for da’wah is increasing. There are many non-Muslims out there who are being fed with false ideas about Islam. They have a very distorted picture of Islam in their minds that it is almost impossible for them to see through the fog of lies. We need to show them […]

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Why Not Believe?

Although human beings are classified as one species, every single person in this world is unique. Just look at the amount of diversity that exists among humans. We’re free to hold any belief we want to – we decide for ourselves because of the freedom we possess. But what’ll happen once the open sky that we […]

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Subservient Inclinations

A couple of days back I came across this wonderful hadith which talks about how a Muslim should go about dealing with his inclinations. It is just so relevant, makes so much of sense and the amount of reality it holds is striking. Abu Muhammad ‘Abdullah bin Amr bin al-‘As, radiyallahu ‘anhu, reported that the Messenger […]

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Striving to Improve

So I just realized that for the past few weeks I haven’t really been doing much productive stuff. Stuff that’d increase my level of eeman or make me a better person or make me an inspiration for others or simply leave me with no regrets. Well I did try to busy myself with good deeds but […]

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Beware the Devil

What do you think is the best way to say sorry? When we commit a sin, we ought to repent, seek God’s forgiveness. Ironically though, that’s the one thing that we fail to do without fail. Imagine a situation when you’ve hurt your best friend. The guilt that you’d go through, the regret, it would […]

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The Buck Stops with You

It’s never too late to repent, no matter how great your sins are. Human beings are bound to slip at some point or the other. It’s in our nature to err. Not because we’re sinful or “born in sin” as the Christians say, but simply because we’re not perfect, infallible. But this ain’t no leeway […]

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Mere Coincidence?

It’s interesting to note that there are about seven billion people existing on earth. Seven billion distinct individuals. Each with his/her past, a present and a future. Okay, I know it’s obvious and perhaps you’d think I’m being naive. But really, it’s much of a wonder than you might think. For a moment concentrate on […]

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Losing Touch With Reality?

There’s a need for us to keep reminding ourselves of our purpose on earth. We  must renew our intentions every time we feel our Eeman deteriorating. At times we get so absorbed in this materialistic world that we’re scarcely conscious of our reality, in fact we completely forget about it. We forget that this life is ephemeral, […]

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