The Original Sin – Part 1

One of the fundamental beliefs of Christianity is that sin is inherited. It is alleged that human beings are sinful by birth due to the sin committed by Adam (alayhi salaam) who ate from the tree made forbidden to him, which caused him to be expelled from Paradise. Although it’s interesting to note that within […]

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The Puny Human Mind

Assalamualaikum! Hope you guys are doing good! So like I promised this post is on Comparative Religion, but before I start I’d like to add a disclaimer that I’m not an expert on this topic and whatever I say is just from the lil research I managed to do (I’ve tried to give references wherever […]

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The Muslim Creed

The Shahadah is the Islamic creed which states: “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is a messenger of Allah” Many non-Muslims don’t understand why there is a need to mention the name of the Prophet (peace be upon him) in the creed. Some even go to the extent of labeling it as an “association”. […]

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Was the Bible Preserved?

The basis of any faith lies in its scripture which can be traced back in history so its authenticity can be determined. We all know that the Bible was written by men and is not the direct word of God. Although it’s alleged to be “divinely inspired”, that certainly is not the same as being […]

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Why We Do Not Need a Saviour

Many questions come to my mind when I think about the Christian concept of atonement of sins. To briefly explain what it’s all about – man is believed to be fallen from the grace of God due to Adam and Eve’s disobedience; it’s called the “original sin”. It is this sin that was passed on […]

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Authors of the Bible

Funny how a sacred book is said to have “authors” when it’s actually supposed to be solely the word of God. This is enough proof that the Bible is not God’s Word. But can we stop here just yet? Yes, of course, we can. Any intelligent person would know that it’s futile to seek answers in a […]

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Identifying the One True Religion

There are different kinds of people around the world, differing not only in their language, culture or looks but also their religion. While it’s interesting to meet people from different backgrounds and learn about them on one hand, on the other the fact that people believe in different “God(s)” beats me. Most people are very casual about the faith […]

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Ten Reasons Why Jesus isn’t God

I’ve had a number of interfaith discussions with some of my Christian friends which most of the time didn’t quiet work out that well due to the lack of importance we tend to give to our religious beliefs. Though ironic, the truth is that religion has taken a backseat in the lives of many, becoming […]

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