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The Blessing of Istighfar
Reflections from the Shore
The Muslim Creed
Tomorrow is Another Day
Free to Fly
A Matter of Time


Genuine Effort
The Ideal Muslim – Q&A
The Ideal Muslim – Part 2
The Ideal Muslim – Part 1
The Ideal Muslim Family


Not Here to Please You
Staying Away From Innovations
Know the True Islam
Why Not Believe?
The Path of Islam
Tips for the Last 10 Nights of Ramadan (Reblog)
Checklist for the Last Ten Days and Nights of Ramadan (Reblog)
Ruling on Watching Football
Subservient Inclinations
Striving to Improve
Beware the Devil
A Muslim’s Prayer


The Buck Stops With You
Mere Coincidence?
Journey to Allah
Making the Most of Ramadan
Who is the happy one?
Ramadan: A Means of Drawing Closer to the Almighty.
Let’s Face It
Life Sure Does Amuse Me
Losing Touch With Reality?
Attaining Purr-fection
Thoughts and Actions
The Long Hope (video)
Gotta Step Up
Just Do It!
Blessed to Be A Muslim

Comparative Religion

Original Sin – Part 1
The Puny Human Mind
Which is Better: Literal or Contextual Interpretation of the Qur’an?
Was the Bible Preserved?
Why We Do Not Need a Savior
Is Jesus God? Muslim-Christian Dialogue
Authors of the Bible
How Much of Islam Should You Follow?
Why You Shouldn’t Celebrate Christmas
On Christian Missionaries and Being “Born Again”
Identifying the One True Religion
Ten Reasons Why Jesus Is Not God