Not the kind of fantasy in a child’s head
Of fairies, unicorns and magic spells
Knowing well that it’s a lie
Just imagination allowed to run wild
Temporary happiness, a moment of ecstasy
The child doesn’t live in fantasy.

But what happens when you try to live a lie
Ignoring the fact that it is one,
Reveling in its fake yet soothing existence?
Mistaking it’s transience for the so-called forever
Believing that it’s never gonna end

Adding color after color to the false picture you’re painting
Till it’s finished and is just how you imagined it
But then it all starts to fade away
Disappearing into thin air
That’s when you realize it was just in your head

Upset that you knowingly played yourself
Signs that you chose to ignore
Things that you desperately held on to
Despite knowing they were untrue,
Kept denying what you knew.

Now lost in confusion
The thoughts in your mind messed up
Your feelings with no place to stay
As your heart ceases to care.


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