No More Self-Doubt

I’m sitting on this bench,
Watching people passing by,
Go about their daily lives,
Chasing dreams across the skies.
Funny that it reminds me of when I was little,
And used to chase butterflies ,
Believing I could catch them if I tried.

God, how quickly time flew by
I didn’t even realize…
And now I sit here wondering
Just what I’m doing with my life.
My mind’s filled with
Thoughts as empty as
The space I’ve been staring at.
I got opportunities in front of me
Yet I keep looking back,
Should I go for it?
What if I fall?
What if I make the same mistakes again?

At the end of the day,
I know I can’t be perfect anyway.
Cause nobody is and can never be
All I want right now is to be me
A little trust in myself
A little courage
That’s all I need.
And everything’s going to be okay.

No matter what choice you make
Those who truly love you
Will have only good things to say
You might hear bitter words from some though
But that’s because they don’t care.
You don’t have to please everyone you meet
So do what makes you happy
Go to places where you want to be
Life’s too short to doubt yourself
Or pretend to be someone else
I keep telling this to myself every day,
Don’t be afraid if you feel lost today,
It’s okay to not be okay.
You’ll find your way someday.



This was just something I wrote to myself some time ago. One of those times when you really need to give yourself time to sort out your feelings and understand yourself…guess that explains the lack of a rhyme scheme, the uneven metres and disconnected thoughts haha 😁…I think the message of the poem is pretty simple though, that nobody is perfect and there is room for improvement for all of us.

Remember me in your duas.

Fi Amanillah ❤





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