Darkness covers every inch of my being
Emptiness fills every space in my mind
The void in my heart deepens
As I drift down the corridors of my past
That link it to my present.
I’m in a sudden silence, yet all too familiar 
Begging a thousand questions
Painful, brutally painful questions
I try to resist with confidence
The questions that keep ringing in my conscience.

Why? They ask me why
Why does the darkness and emptiness bother you?

But every time I hear those words
I feel a storm brewing inside of me
And it’s not silent anymore
I hear the desperate cries
The reproaching words, the warnings
Of my pleading soul
Screaming cusses, going ballistic
It’s just crazy in there
And I’m almost to tears
Wishing I never hear those words again

Only I know I will
It’s just a matter of time
I can sense the calm before the storm
As I try to play it cool
Act as if everything is okay.
And walk away


Can I just pretend that I’m not posting after yet another unreasonably long period of silence? 😜



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  1. No you cannot 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Absolutely not! It isn’t fair how you seem to run off and we aren’t mesmerised by your words every now and then!
    And, you write soooo weelll MaShaAllah:) How are you doing? Life’s tough but ya know hope you’re good and living away 🙂
    And could you delete that comment? I accidentally commented from another computer ugh

    Liked by 1 person

    • I admit I made some mistakes, your honor, what’s your verdict? 😋

      Haha you’re too kind sis! It’s honestly hard to believe that my posts mesmerize you…I mean wow that’s a huge compliment. Jazak Allah khair.

      Alhumdulillah I’m doing good. What about you? I hope you’re well too by Allah’s Grace. It’s always great hearing from you. Lots of love & duas. Keep me in your prayers ukhti ❤

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