Just Another Day

Yesterday was just another day
Just another broken dream
Just another shattered heart
Just another silent wish
Just another disconnected thought

But, you are more than just another face in the crowd.
You are special
You have an identity, a voice,
A purpose to fulfill.

So every time you fall, remember it is,
Just another bump in the road
Just another wrong turn
Just another mistake
Just another missed opportunity

Because, life is more than just another journey
It is a journey that will teach you
The meaning of love and heartbreak
Of hope and despair
Of picking yourself up after falling
Of trying till you make it.
It’ll always give you another chance
As long as you’re willing to take it.


And this is just another failed attempt at writing poetry. πŸ˜‹ But who said anything about being a poet? I’m just an ordinary girl. Just another imperfect part of this perfect universe. Just being myself. Haha 😊

All jokes aside, I’m sorry, guys. I know this sucks. 😟 But don’t worry about it, here’s something you might like!

Aren’t they lovely? I took this picture in India. It’s a very common sight to see monkeys jumping across rooftops. Haha.

Is it just another roof of a house? OK there’s a group of monkeys sitting on it, that’s obvious. But if look closely, you might spot one of them on all fours carrying it’s baby. It’s fascinating how the little one is slung below, grasping it’s mother’s body. Subhan’Allah. This summed up in one word is: love. And love is more than just another word. What’s your definition of love? Do you believe true love exists?

Oh and just so you know, this has got absolutely nothing to do with valentine’s day. It’s just another post. πŸ˜„

Do remember me in your duas! 🌹

P.S: I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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