The Little Girl Who Loved Her Lord


She’d stand beside her mum on the prayer mat
Content and resolute, grinning like a cheshire cat
Always eager to go the extra mile
In worshipping the Creator of the earth and the skies

Placed her trust in His protection and care
Knew He was watching her from up there
Feared His punishment, hoped for reward
The little girl who loved her Lord

Was careful with her words
Never argued, never cussed
Stumbled, slipped up; wasn’t always right
But made every effort to repent and stay upright

When she told a lie for the very first time
Thought she’d committed a crime
Was quick to confess and apologize
Her principles she wouldn’t compromise

Growing up, she made new friends
They took her to places she’d never been
Showed her things she’d never seen
Said it was all about being sixteen

At first she refused almost immediately
But they incited her repeatedly
Her friends wouldn’t mislead her or so she thought,
Forgetting that evil will always play you false

Tried to fit in with the popular crowd at high school
Who did not believe in God let alone obey His rules
Forgot her priorities, lost her identity
By the time she reached university.

It was a mistake she keeps reminding herself
But it’s difficult to move on with the regrets
That constantly eat her up from inside
She cannot just brush them aside

As she wants to taste the sweetness of faith once again
Staring at her reflection in the mirror
She searches the depths of her empty eyes
For that little girl once she was
Pleading her to return.

“Please come back
I yearn for that eeman, that love
In ‘ibadah lies my true happiness, my heart belongs
With faith in my Rabb who forgives those who repent
I seek the Almighty’s Help; on Him alone I depend.”


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