The Beauty of Islam

Like the blooming flowers of spring
The melodious bird that sings
And the cool breeze that blows
Liberating and uplifting
Is the beauty of Islam.

Like the starry night sky
The silent swaying of the trees
Dancing to the soft tune of the breeze
Inspiring hope and confidence
Is the beauty of Salah.

Like the erratic waves that crash
Into the warm embrace of the shore
Sharing an unbreakable, unconditional bond
Ever forgiving and accepting
Is the beauty of Tawbah.

Like ships sailing in the ocean
Anticipating blissful lands
Journeying between hope and fear
The reality, not a fairytale
Is the beauty of this life.

Like pebbles of different shapes and sizes
Found almost everywhere on earth
Each unique in it’s own way
Extraordinary and rare
Is the beauty of mankind.

Like the two wings of a bird that fold and unfold
Enduring hardship for the love of our Lord
Seeking His help and being grateful
In the various trials of life
Is the beauty of sabr and shukr.

Like the captivating scent of expensive perfume
Abundant fruits, rare jewels and pearls
Magnificent is the resting place
Gratifying and pristine
Is the beauty of Paradise.

Like dark clouds, the roaring sound of thunder
Violent winds and heavy showers
Blinding flashes of lightning
Striking and encompassing
Is the reality of the Hellfire.

The beauty of Islam
Is in the sincere slaves of Allah
Who repent and seek forgiveness
For the sins they’ve committed.



May Allah ‘Azza wa Jal make this Ramadan a beneficial one for all of us, grant us the ability and the determination to worship Him in ways which are most beloved to Him, obey His commands, perfect our Salah, increase our knowledge of the deen, increase our love for Him, get closer to Him, follow the sunnah of our beloved Prophet (sallaAllahu ‘alaihi wa sallam), read and understand the Qur’an and teach it to others, give us the ability to help the poor and the needy, fulfill the rights of our family, relatives, friends and neighbors. May Allah forgive our sins and give us the hidayah to stay away from all evil and guide us to all that is good. Ameen!

Please, please do remember me in your dua’as. May Allah keep us all in His care and protection. Ameen.



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