The Roads We Travel On


Remember the roads we traveled on?
Through every bend, every curve together we’ve grown

On the sidewalks we’d meet
And we’d walk through the streets

At the crossroads we stood firm
Did not take a detour, did not turn

The riverside drive perked us up
Though, I’d say, climbing up the hill was tough

The bumpy road to that distant village
Taught us patience and gave us courage

Which we lacked when hiking in the forest
Reminded us that every obstacle is but a test

Life is the ultimate journey we all must make
But it just ain’t a piece of cake

Sometimes we end up hopelessly lost
It’s crazy, and confusing but we gotta keep movin’

We’re gonna drive as far as we can
Won’t let the intersections, the roundabouts bring us down

If we keep believin’, we’ll surely make it
We gotta keep strivin’, if it’s Jannah we wanna reach.

Learn to conquer our fears, hold back our tears
Only then we’ll be able to see the darkness disappear


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