Chasing Rainbows

You’re a sailor,
Set out on your dream voyage?
With no map, no directions
It’s all abstract?

There’s no such thing
As paradise on earth
If that’s what you’re seeking
I’m amazed you want to go anyway

You’ll have to face the rain
But don’t you ever complain
This journey will teach you
Every lesson you need to know

I understand thunder and lightening
Can be extremely frightening
Especially when you’re lost
Wandering in a moonless night

The waves can get violent
The darkness overwhelming and creepy
But you asked for it to be the course
Even while knowing you can’t really chase rainbows

Above the sea
There’s a boundary
Which you cannot cross
No matter what you plot

Under the water
There’s a darkness
You cannot fathom
Let alone pursue.

In front and behind
You’ll see an endless puzzle
An ocean of dreary silence
Perplexing, every other piece a misfit.

But when your wicked vision subsides
And the obscure thoughts abate
You can always come back home
Just follow the voice of your heart’s song.

Your so-called expedition
Was always out of the question
Which you chose not to believe
But at least now you’ve learned your lesson

Did you know
You can paint your own rainbow though?
You don’t have to chase one
A little courage and faith is what’s required.

It doesn’t have to be perfect
No master strokes necessary.
And it isn’t compulsory
To go strictly violet to red

Do it as you like
Make it colorful and bright
And if you ever run out of colors
You can even paint it black and white

No matter what colors you choose
If you want your painting to turn out beautiful
The key is to obey your Lord
And always remain dutiful.



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