Thought Process 101


ASalaam Aleykum

Heeeyyyy my people, my apologies, seems I constantly underestimate the toll of work and studies, and keep saying I won’t go on long breaks but ahhhhh…anyway I’m sorry about that, now on to the topic at hand.

Why do we pray? …I asked myself this question a couple of times… I had different answers in different times, so I decided to compile them and share them …

First off, I’m not going to claim I know why its five times a day specifically but I do know anything you do five times a day, you must be taking it seriously.

I mean if anyone right now told you they have been doing a particular activity five times a day, everyday for ten years or more…you would consider them professionals at it, they should even write a book about it, and on that note I think Muslim should write…

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