Contemplate Creation

Rise from your sleep,
And feel the day.
Take a deep breath;
Let go of all stress.

Look at the blue sky;
It’s spirits so high.
Let it inspire you;
Show you the truth.

The truth; you’ll see it
Clearly manifested,
In the ocean and its depths,
In the skies and its heights.

In every street you pass by,
And in the wings of butterflies,
In those deep blue eyes,
And the heart that doesn’t compromise.

Take a walk on the beach;
Let the gentle waves caress your feet.
And as you watch the sun setting into the horizon,
Seek out answers to your questions.

Just like Prophet Ibrahim (‘alayhi salam) did,
Until he was certain that Allah is Al-Khaliq indeed.
So ask yourself what life means to you,
Why you’re here and where you’re headed to.

Are we mere products of chance,
Or a part of some big plan?
Darwin says we evolved through natural selection;
But we were created for a purpose, says our religion.

To worship, Allah, The One True God,
Without any association, no matter what.
Don’t you see the complexity within the universe?
So praise the Creator of the heavens and the earth.

Observe the twinkling stars,
As they appear all through the year;
On moonlit nights,
And clear skies.

They shine and glimmer,
Even in the darkest hour.
Let them inspire you;
Show you the truth.

In the stillness of the night,
Remember Allah’s Might,
With sincere gratitude,
And in your solitude.

Keep your hopes alive,
And contemplate life.
Let your mind run deep,
As you drift off to sleep.


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