Serenity Descends

Twelve noon. I’m running through the fields
A smile on my face.
Feel the cool breeze,
Gently playing upon my cheeks.

The rays of the sun,
Warming me up.
The rocky road, the little stream,
The beautiful meadows; I climb the hill.

I have to keep going,
Whatever it takes.
My determination growing,
With every leap I make.

Ten minutes and I suddenly stop.

I stop, gasping for breath.
What was I thinking?
I question myself;
My heart literally sinking.

Confused, I look around
Hoping to see answers that I long.
But silence
Is all that I get.

I shut my eyes tight, attempting to block out
The agonizing questions, ringing in my mind.
Totally lost, I’m already regretting
The situation I’ve gotten in.

Five minutes and I’m running again.

Why did I even stop?
I mentally slap myself,
For almost chickening out.
But I’m glad anyway,
That I managed to stay strong enough.

I know,
I know I just can’t afford to lose
What I’m about to get.
No, won’t take that risk
On it my life depends.


At last I see it,
See it so close to my heart,
Feel serenity descend,
As I hear the adhan.

Doors of the masjid wide open,
Affectionately calling me inside.
Like arms of a friend held out
For a warm hug; tears of joy.

Eagerly I enter, almost tripping over my own feet,
I see people scattered around,
Some silent, some praying, while some reciting the Qur’an.
Those familiar words making my heart skip a beat.
I’m sure, now we’re not strangers anymore.

Twenty minutes have passed
Since I entered this place.
The place where my heart truly resides.


I’m still sitting here.
Just can’t get enough,
Of peace and contentment that fills me,
When I bow down in prostration before my Lord.


20 thoughts on “Serenity Descends”

    1. Assalamualaikum sis!
      Jazak Allah khair for reading. I’m glad you like it. 🙂 Hope your Ramadan and fasts are going well. May you have a blessed and productive Ramadan. ❤


    1. Assalamualaikum.
      Thank you! I appreciate the kind words. Jazak Allah khayr. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I pray that you have a blessed Ramadan. ❤


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