Being Tested

It was plain as day,
Yet he couldn’t find his way
He wished to behold dazzling lights
But everything seemed to block his sight,

The humming of birds, though so pleasing
Didn’t help reduce his sorrow,
Which seemed unceasing

Life didn’t make sense,
Happiness was scarce and pain immense;

His heart was racing,
Palms sweating,
Eyes watering,
And lips trembling.

But just when he was about to give in
A voice called from within
Said, “Believe”
Trust in your Lord and do not grieve.”

As if realization struck
His breathing slowed down
Tears stopped and his body relaxed
And he wondered ,

Did his life really make no sense?
Was he never happy or was his pain always that immense?

No, it was just his perception,
Surely Satan’s deception
That was making him feel helpless
Causing him to fall in ungratefulness

He realized that life is a gift from God,
Earlier his understanding of which was apparently flawed.
Now he accepted His Lord’s decree with a smile,
And made a resolve not to ever whine.


Feel free to share your thoughts! (:

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