Wake-up Call

A slip up
Cost a sin

Amounted to another

Followed through

But justification
“Rescued” you

In delusion
You sinned again

And again
But never realized

Did you forget?

To God
You’ll ultimately return

Just like
Everyone else.

If not now,
When will you stop?

Take this as
Your wake-up call.


Why do we always tend to justify our sins? I hate it when I myself do this. It is so not right. It just makes things worse. When people justify a wrong act, they’re in fact paving the way to repeat it later on. Besides over time the “justified” sin doesn’t look like a sin anymore because by then they’ve made themselves believe that it’s not a sin and they become so used to it that it’s difficult to stop doing it all of a sudden. This isn’t about something apparently wrong like drinking alcohol, rather things like lying, gossiping, spying, free-mixing, and similar stuff. The list just goes on.

These seemingly “trivial” issues are the ones that keep us occupied in this dunya and easily distract us from our real purpose. Don’t we spend hours gossiping with our group of friends or so casually lie at times? This wouldn’t happen if we stopped justifying our sins and accept that they’re wrong and make every effort to avoid doing them. It really will make a difference, insha’Allah.


2 thoughts on “Wake-up Call”

  1. So true, I actually wanted to write “soooooooooo trrrrruuuuueeeee” but saner heads prevailed. I love your poems. Been looking for something like this and I finally found it. Jazak Allah khair


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