Sincerely Repent

Every single day is a struggle,
With my soul,
Against the temptations of this world.

I seek to be sincere,
But my sins only increase my fear.

The resolve to do good and leave the bad,
In some corner of my mind is buried,
And the fear of falling into sin keeps me worried.

I want to get rid of my sins,
I want to repent.

Flying free with pious wings;
I want my faith to deepen.
I wish it would just take a swish of a wand,
To get me over my sins as huge as a mount.

Then the attire of taqwa would I don,
And wear ikhlas around my head like a princess’ crown.
But it isn’t a fairytale,
Nor a world of magic.

Rather, it’s something so great with a guarantee not to fail,
with an assurance so very lucid.
God’s forgiveness to one who sincerely repents is assured.
As He is the All Forgiving Merciful Lord,

That every believer will stand tall and proud,
On judgement day, amidst so huge a crowd,
Of having all sins forgiven.

All it cost was a sincere repentance,
Good works and words,
“my Lord I seek forgiveness, and I return,
To You, take me away from my sins,
Because that is what my heart truly seeks.”


4 thoughts on “Sincerely Repent”

  1. Once the Sahaabah were sitting with Rasoolullah s.a.w and asked him to make dua for them. He made the following dua : ” Allahumaghfir lanaa warhamnaa wardha annaa wa adkhilnal jannata wa najinaa minan naar wa aslih lanaa sha’nanaa kullahu”
    The sahaabah asked him to make more dua. Rasoolullah s.a.w replied to the meaning that I have colleced all your matters (in this dua).
    If we see the meaning of the dua, its all we need: ” O Allah, Forgive us, Have Mercy on us, Be pleased with us,Enter us into Jannah, Save us from jahannum and set right all our matters”.


  2. Its honestly hard to believe that you are this good, and I’m not trying to flatter you, I’m just kinda confused as to how good these poems are, like not even one that’s a four star and not five?…Anyway thats very good news for me, because I have been thinking about these poems for the past two days and at the worst times, when I couldn’t read them. Now, that READ’em ALL in one sitting has begun, its me and the poems, poems and me, Till the end do us part. Food and Drinks are here, its dinner. Here we go. Ohh and Jazak Allah Khair for writing and posting these, May Allah bless you with so much more.


    1. Ameen! May Allah bless you too with all good that you wish for in this life and the hereafter.
      I’m so grateful that you appreciate my work. Means a lot. Thank you so much. Jazak Allah khair. 🙂


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