The Path of Islam

We enter this world sinless. Innocent and naive, we’re oblivious of the evil it contains. Pure is what describes that state of ours best. But as we grow, we get exposed to the bitter side of life, the one that is full of vice, deception, hatred and envy. Our first reaction to any evil we witness is disgust. True, isn’t it? Evil is meant to be bad, so it’s natural to feel disgusted about it.

However, not everybody’s reaction to a certain thing remains stable. It changes as time goes by. It’s a part of human nature. In fact, within a day, one might have different approaches to the same thing. Somewhat like mood swings. There are choices everywhere; some hardly matter, while some become the change in our lives. We don’t always make the right choice though. How would we know, anyway? This question begs an answer, and yes we do have one. Allah created us with a purpose, and He gave us the key to perfectly fulfill it, and that key is absolute guidance. Since the creation of man, prophets and messengers were sent in order to guide humans. The first man to be created was himself a prophet. Allah made the message clear from the very beginning. He did not leave us directionless. There is only one path to success: Islam, worshiping the Almighty Creator without associating partners with Him. Therefore it is absolutely reasonable to conclude that whatever we are commanded to do is in our best interest and it is expected of us to comply. This isn’t saying that we can’t make mistakes. Note the irony. Mistakes happen and cannot be completely avoided. Interestingly, the Arabic word for humans “Insaan” means “forgetful”. Most of the time we slip up just because of our ignorance. Complying with our religion only means that we try our best to do that which we’re commanded and avoid that which we’ve been prohibited. We won’t be accountable for things that are beyond our capability. This implies that the converse is also true. In other words, we are accountable for all that we do. And, hence, we must keep track of our actions. We must act in accordance with the sunnah of our Prophet (sallaAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam). 

Having said that, what do you think should be our obligation on encountering evil? We must despise it. And that’s exactly what we do when we first witness something bad, immoral and vicious. But how do we know if something is evil?

Who defines evil?

You? Me? Somebody else? Who exactly?

This is where we need to go back to our religion. Islam defines for us the right and the wrong. So there’s no question of debate. You don’t need to rack your brain to know whether or not you can listen to music or wear revealing clothes or be in a relationship before marriage. It’s all precisely defined. Our actions shouldn’t oppose our religious beliefs.

Despite the ease Islam offers, at times we find ourselves deviating from its true path. There could be various reasons for it like our desires, bad company, some kind of influence, or maybe the feeling of inferiority; the need to just “fit in”. These desperate situations prompt us to compromise our religious teachings. But, why should we? Rather, we should resist. Trying times bring out the real you. Who you really are. So what if you don’t go for a club party? Or go to the movies? Or attend a concert? It wouldn’t make a big difference in your life. Now, would it? No matter what, we should never compromise our faith.

So like I said before, although its natural to adopt different opinions suiting the situation, being Muslims we should learn to control our actions and direct them to the Islamic method.

The path of Islam is clear. There’s benefit in learning about it, and striving hard to live by it.  Realize the true worth of the faith you’re gifted with.


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