Striving to Improve

So I just realized that for the past few weeks I haven’t really been doing much productive stuff. Stuff that’d increase my level of eeman or make me a better person or make me an inspiration for others or simply leave me with no regrets. Well I did try to busy myself with good deeds but not as much as I should have. I’m not being ungrateful or gloomy neither am I whining over what has already happened.  The sole purpose behind this post is so that it serves as a reminder to myself and others as well. I truly regret my slack and carefree attitude. This isn’t something new to human beings. We usually tend to inappropriately prioritize things. Like be overly concerned about trivial matters and when real important things turn up seem to not care in the least. Well this doesn’t happen always. But it does happen. We may not see it though. As an example, when your mum wants you to help her out with something while you’re talking to your friend on the phone, what’d you do? Okay let’s be honest here, you’d obviously ask your  mum to hold it till you’re done talking with your friend, or even manage it herself.  Get my drift?

This is exactly what I intend to convey. We don’t see things as they really are because either we are too busy with life (how ironic) or just too hasty in our actions. Rather if you choose to just stop and think for even a minute you’ll truly see. Basically go back a few lines, up to the example I mentioned. Now what if you had hung up the phone asking your friend to call you back later and helped out your mum instead. Would that make a difference in your day and more importantly who you are?

But, had you disobeyed your mum and preferred your friend over her, it’d be like going against the command of Allah ‘azza wa jal as regards obeying your parents. And if done repeatedly over a period of time, it’d become a part of you, a habit. Even if it might have started with a regret, gradually you’ll see no wrong in it. This is how satan plays with our souls. So even in small things in life there are big lessons with yet bigger repercussions. Well so the point is that before taking any step, yes I mean every-single-no-matter-how-little step you take, just spend a few minutes on actually realizing your purpose behind it and understanding if its truly worth it or is it simply like asking for trouble.

I keep myself telling this so often that I’ve sort of become immune to it. LOL. No seriously. Sigh…

So yeah. I needed something additional and hence I came up with the following rules for myself (You might wanna make note of them too :D)

1) Don’t ever waste time. You can sense when you’re wasting time. It becomes just so apparent. So whenever you feel that your time’s going down the drain, then just STOP. And start doing something good immediately or just relax, without letting your mind drift in that direction again.

2) STICK to your plans. Never be lax in dealing with what you’ve decided to do. You can’t say, “Meh, it’s my own timetable…I can modify it whenever I want to…it doesn’t have to be followed perfectly.” NO. You *have* to go by it. No taking escape routes.

3) Do *as-much-as* worship as you can. It doesn’t have to be 24/7 prayer. There are other ways of showing gratitude to Allah subhanahu wa ta’laa. Just remember that no matter what don’t ever stop being conscious of God. Because if that happens (naudhubillah) then it’s a sign that you’ve allowed the devil in your mind. Slowly but subtly he’ll enter your heart. You won’t even realize. We seek Allah’s refuge from the accursed Satan.

4) Think before you act. Especially if you’re going to do something not-so-positive Islamically, like watch TV or aimlessly browse the internet.  Because y’know there are better things to do like what…you name it…read a book, work out, go for a walk, babysit ;), do household chores, study, visit a friend, learn to stitch, paint, get a makeover (kidding)…or just breathe.

Life feels much better and makes so much sense when we stop daydreaming. It’s more than a dream. In fact it is NOT a dream. Life is so real, so tangible. We can’t just live it up.

Because. There. Is. An. Afterlife. Too.

That’s what makes all the difference. It’s not like the Christians say that they’re saved by God’s grace or like the Hindus believe that they’ll get reincarnated or like the Atheists believe that there is no Judgment Day or like the Deist who just don’t care. Life, just as complex as it seems, it really is. We need to take responsibility and strive hard to do good and practise Islam as much as we can. We must strive towards ihsan (perfection), strive to follow our beloved Prophet Muhammad (sallaAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam). We can at least try.


7 thoughts on “Striving to Improve”

  1. Allah Ta aala exhorts us in the Quraan to compete with one another in Deen. Sahaabah were like this. Striving to improve. Abu Bakr r.a having taken the top rank from all. Umar r.a conceded defeat against him though he tried so hard. In Deen we must never be content and complacent but in dunya we should be content.


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