MashaAllah, your writing is simply wonderful. You’ve remarkably portrayed the bitter reality of the Israel-Palestine conflict in words. Our Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine are going through so much pain every single day that it is indescribable. You’ve done a great job by shedding light on this. Jazak Allahu khayran!



Monday 18th of February 2013


The Price of Freedom


As long wisps of smoke danced in the air, I felt my spine shudder and push me into the carnage of unforgiving ammunition. As if to augment my weak frame, the sun stung my bloodied olive skin like a feisty scorpion. I blinked violently, as a futile attempt to clear away the hideous grey smoke.

I hovered my limp hand across my abdomen until I found it. My fingers sank into a vile sludge of intestines and dirtied blood, my once rowdy eyes widened and my last thread of alertness coiled itself into a piercing, wild scream.

I closed my eyes and fell into the unwelcoming black pit of my sanctuary, a place I had visited numerous times before.



I knew from the way she looked at me, that she would be my first prey…

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