Beware the Devil

What do you think is the best way to say sorry? When we commit a sin, we ought to repent, seek God’s forgiveness. Ironically though, that’s the one thing that we fail to do without fail. Imagine a situation when you’ve hurt your best friend. The guilt that you’d go through, the regret, it would haunt you for life if you didn’t apologize to her. In fact to a greater degree is our relationship with God. It is higher than the one we’d share with anybody else on earth. Then what impact should committing a sin have on us? Shouldn’t we be regretting it with all our heart? Shouldn’t we be ashamed of ourselves? Shouldn’t we turn to God for forgiveness? Shouldn’t we hate that sin most, the sin that took us away from our Lord? Shouldn’t we vow to never even go close to it ever?

It’s weird that we fail to see these things when Satan’s having his way done, when he’s instigating us to commit sin, when he makes the evil look good, when he makes us desire the evil. Desire. That’s one thing that we need to be careful about. If you’d really think over it and reason out, then you wouldn’t even require anybody else to explain it to you. It’s so clear. Well, give it a go. All you gotta do is contemplate on the word “desire”. What do you think it is? To what extent does it affect us? How should we direct it? Can we use it to justify our sins? The answer is obvious. Yet do we fail. Fail when we actually have to put it in practice. Desire simply means a want to do something that’d give us happiness, a sense of satisfaction. If definitely affects us, our behavior and our way of thinking. But ultimately any action that we do should be in the boundaries of Islam. Satan would say otherwise. Would make us think, want otherwise. But do we give in? No. We need to direct our desires in the right direction. Take the halal route and not the easy-pleasant-attractive-but-above-all-delusional haram route. And of course doing things the halal way are much more adventurous yet safe and real.

Desires if not handled correctly would cause chaos in one’s life. It is the root of one committing sins. Think about it. What is the mindset of a burglar who has set on his daily routine to burglarize a house? He’d probably be thinking that he would collect as much of stuff he can get his hands on. He would think that it’s the only means of him becoming rich, being able to fulfill his dreams, eat good food, live in a big house, have a big car, go for luxury trips and fulfill whatever other dreams he’d have had. Only if he stops for a second and reflects on the means he’s adopting to achieve his ends. He’d realize that it’s not right. Even if he’d be able to gather huge sums of money, there would be someone else getting negatively affected. Someone else losing that money, being deprived of his right. It’s not like what many people think, the end justifies the means. No. desiring to become rich isn’t wrong. Desiring to wear good clothes, eat good food, go on trips is not wrong. But what is not right is robbing someone. Taking away someone’s rights and doing injustice to him is impermissible in Islam. It isn’t morally right either. Now, if after going through this thought process, the burglar resolves to correct himself and earn legally, then he would be benefiting none but himself. Because had he not thought about it and carried on with his sin, robbed a house, deprived the owner of his rights, the latter would have nothing to lose, because ultimately on the Day of Judgment God will give him back his rights that were taken away. So would the burglar benefit? Not possible. Even if he’d have fulfilled his desires, it would only increase him in wrongdoing (unless he repents), besides, his good deeds will be taken away from him in order to compensate for the loss that he had caused another person on earth.

No, we simply cannot afford it. It costs us our afterlife. Are you in for a bargain that dooms you for eternity? It is indeed something unreasonable. Yet do we fail. What makes us so weak? Why do we desire sin? These questions have a straightforward answer and that is Satan. It’s satan who makes us weak, or rather think that we are weak. Weak to stay firm on the straight path of Islam. Once he’s successful in depressing us, he makes evil look attractive. Something that we might have abhorred earlier in life, all of a sudden seems pleasing at our times of weakness, when our eeman drops. It’s his way of doing things. You might’ve heard of the story of Burseesah. It’s one creepy tale. It warns us that no matter how pious we are, we should always be wary of satan and never cease keeping a check on our eeman and our deeds.

The Quran is crystal clear on this matter, satan is our open enemy.

O you who have believed, enter into Islam completely [and perfectly] and do not follow the footsteps of Satan. Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy. (The Qur’an, 2:208)


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