Attaining Purr-fection!

So it has been almost a month now since I last posted. That’s so totally me. Irresponsible.

Why does everything have to boil down to irresponsibility, procrastination, laziness and anything and everything along these lines? It’s really annoying. Argh!

We Muslims are told to be perfect in everything good we do. The Prophet (pbuh) is reported to have said. “Verily, Allah has enjoined excellence (ihsan) with regard to everything.” It’s such a beautiful principle and it makes perfect sense, subhanAllah. This not only includes acts of ‘ibadah  but also anything related to our daily routine. So, when you’re going for a party you look your best (no extravagance though), when you have an upcoming exam you study really hard for it, when you commit yourself to something (like a wordpress blog) you make sure that you work accordingly. But, of course everything should be in the limits set by Allah (swt), that goes without saying, eh. In fact if we ponder on the concept of ihsan we’d find that Islam as a religion is itself perfect.No other religion on the face of the earth guides its followers in a manner like Islam does. Even minor aspects of our lives are taken care of. One such example is our attitude towards animals. ‘Abdullah ibn Mas’ud (ra), a companion of the Prophet (pbuh) narrrated: “We were with the Apostle of Allah (pbuh) during a journey. He went to ease himself. We saw a bird with her two young ones and we captured her young ones. The bird came and began to spread its wings. The Apostle of Allah (pbuh) came and said: Who grieved this for its young ones? Return its young ones to it.” (Sahih Muslim Book 14, Hadith no. 2669)

So, don’t we have all the more reason to take care of animals? perhaps by keeping them as pets? 😛

And, plus they’re SO adorable. I’m especially fond of cats (puppies are cute too, but we’re not allowed to keep dogs except for the purpose of protecting the house, so yeah, I give priority to cats!). I had a cat when I was younger, but sadly now she’s no more. But, inshaAllah in the future I’d love having one again. 🙂 Oh, and bunnies too.

All of these lovely pics really make me wanna have one of those, right now!! haha, hope you guys enjoy having a look at ’em too! XD


*Images taken from Google Image Search, edited myself. (:


4 thoughts on “Attaining Purr-fection!”

  1. There are 2 ways in carrying out commands; Azeemah and Rukhsa. Azeemah means carrying out a command in the best possible manner like how Rasoolullah s.a.w and Sahaabah used to do. Allah Ta aala mentions about them: “Those who listen attentively to what is being said and follow up with action in the best manner”.
    This is matloob (desired). Then you get rukhsa which means leeway. When Allah Ta aala allows an action to be carried out in another way but the reward is less.e.g if a man offered his salaah at home or business, it would go through but not the desired way and one shouldn’t make it a habit.
    May Allah Ta aala make us from those who act with azeemah.


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