What’s Next, Nafsi?

You reek of sin, a bloody stench capable of making one nauseous; sometimes, even me, but its effect doesn’t last long as I’m always quick to forget, having learned to skillfully mask it by the impalpable perfume of your unfair justifications, in the vain hope that it will not just cover up but eliminate the […]

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A burning desire, in the spur of the moment. alluring, enticing, holding you down like gravity. Engulfing you like quicksand. A persistent thought in the back of your mind, urging you to cross the line, break rules, disobey, rebel. Draining you completely. A decision taken in haste, thoughtless, haphazard, ignorant, careless. Leading you astray. Leaving you feeling betrayed, depraved, and […]

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It was just his face she remembers looking at not his clothes or shoes or even how tall he was, the obvious, she didn’t pay attention to the obvious, but how could she? it was just his face, the smirk that played on his lips before transforming into a full evil grin, baring all his […]

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Words Don’t Flow

It’s been so very long since I wrote a song, I was young and naïve, an apprentice to life had a lot to figure out, but through all the confusion, through the ups and downs I didn’t accept defeat, didn’t retreat But now my words are stuck on repeat I can’t find the rhythm to […]

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Inner Peace

Listening to the relaxing sounds of nature walking on a long, lonely road. Uncertain where it leads to, yet, trying to find myself. the journey finally feeling good. Used to hate the silence, the confusion, the wrong turns. but now I know there is a reason for everything. Things aren’t always perfect, at some points […]

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The Stranger

She had a smile that could melt the hardest of hearts, and a heart that knew no hatred, no discrimination, or what it was like to be cold and distant, instead acceptance and friendship was what she stood for. But she was nothing like them, she didn’t own any shorts or crop-tops or skinny-jeans didn’t […]

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Not the kind of fantasy in a child’s head Of fairies, unicorns and magic spells Knowing well that it’s a lie Just imagination allowed to run wild Temporary happiness, a moment of ecstasy The child doesn’t live in fantasy. But what happens when you try to live a lie Ignoring the fact that it is […]

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Staying Positive

I see in front of me A vulnerable girl Afraid of letting people into her life Putting her guard down Questions clouding her mind, Answers she desperately seeks Her eyes a pool of confusion Tears unsure of their existence and purpose She feels nothing, absolutely nothing, Yet they flow. Living, trying to survive In a […]

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I remember making a certain dua a lot when I was small, the dua was “O Allah, keep my tongue moist with your remembrance” I probably learned it from my mum. I don’t know the wordings of it in Arabic cause I would always read it in English. And I also don’t know if the […]

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The Original Sin – Part 1

One of the fundamental beliefs of Christianity is that sin is inherited. It is alleged that human beings are sinful by birth due to the sin committed by Adam (alayhi salaam) who ate from the tree made forbidden to him, which caused him to be expelled from Paradise. Although it’s interesting to note that within […]

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Why Islam?

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu everyone! How you guys doing? The month of Dhul Hijjah starts tomorrow! I’m sure many of us know the significance of worshipping in the first ten days of this month. But for those of us who don’t and as a reminder to the rest, here’s a hadith that talks about […]

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No More Self-Doubt

I’m sitting on this bench, Watching people passing by, Go about their daily lives, Chasing dreams across the skies. Funny that it reminds me of when I was little, And used to chase butterflies , Believing I could catch them if I tried. God, how quickly time flew by I didn’t even realize… And now […]

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The Puny Human Mind

Assalamualaikum! Hope you guys are doing good! So like I promised this post is on Comparative Religion, but before I start I’d like to add a disclaimer that I’m not an expert on this topic and whatever I say is just from the lil research I managed to do (I’ve tried to give references wherever […]

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There’s no shame in buying your favorite brands; Be it a dress from Guess, a pair of jeans from Forever 21 or somewhere else Even if there’s no sale who cares, right? I can totally understand Cause you may not be a princess but you deserve to look your best. It’s ok to get all […]

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Darkness covers every inch of my being Emptiness fills every space in my mind The void in my heart deepens As I drift down the corridors of my past That link it to my present. I’m in a sudden silence, yet all too familiar  Begging a thousand questions Painful, brutally painful questions I try to […]

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Back to the Beginning

Assalamualaikum! Hey everybody! How are you guys doing? I know it’s been ages since my last post. Maybe I owe you an apology? No, I don’t? That’s great. Let’s continue from where we left. Shall we? No? Oh, right. I owe ya’ll an explanation. Right so…yeah I really really wanted to post something in the […]

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Just Another Day

Yesterday was just another day Just another broken dream Just another shattered heart Just another silent wish Just another disconnected thought But, you are more than just another face in the crowd. You are special You have an identity, a voice, A purpose to fulfill. So every time you fall, remember it is, Just another […]

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Hang In There

As you sit waiting for the right moment Wondering how it’s all gonna end It may be difficult to take the first step But it gets better once you begin A mind clouded with uncertainty A heart unsure of what it feels The best is yet to come You just gotta believe Hold on to […]

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The world we live in Is a strange place Filled with Strange things And strange people. It’s an endless maze A never ending race Towards something Undeniably materialistic Inevitably ephemeral. Wandering In a bittersweet haze Reveling in delusion A momentary state of Joy and satisfaction. Aimlessly searching For something, just anything To give purpose to […]

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There was a time when I knew Exactly where I was going No matter how far I’d stray I’d always find my way Back to where I truly belonged. I don’t know how and when I Got the directions mixed up The road started seeming long It felt like every turn I took was wrong […]

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